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Founded in 2015 by Jeremy Lee, Unity Percussion was formed to help educate at a higher level for students 16 - 22 years old. After multiple schools in the area closed down their indoor percussion groups, Jeremy Lee wanted to offer a group in Gainesville FL. This Indoor Percussion group would appeal to percussionists that have graduated high school and some who do not have the opportunity to perform with an indoor group at an Independent level. Our inaugural season will be in 2016 and we will be performing in WGI & FFCC Independent A. We are going to Dayton, OH along with multiple competitions within the state of Florida. 

2018 Geppetto's Workshop

  • FFCC Premier 1st 
  • Focus North 1st 
  • WGI Tampa 1st
  • FFCC Championships 1st
  • WGI World Championships 5th Prelims 
  • WGI World Championships 2nd Semi-Finals
  • WGI World Championships 2nd Finals

2017 Vincent

  • FFCC Premier 2nd 
  • Focus West 1st 
  • WGI Tampa 2nd
  • FFCC Championships 1st
  • WGI World Championships 1st Prelims 
  • WGI World Championships 3rd Semi-Finals
  • WGI World Championships 3rd Finals

2016 Seeds of Eden

  • FFCC Premier 3rd
  • Focus West 1st
  • WGI Orlando 3rd
  • FFCC Championships 2nd
  • WGI World Championships 7th in Finals


Our Mission

Coming Soon

Upcoming Events

  • January 26th FFCC Premier
  • February 23rd WGI Orlando
  • March 2nd FFCC Focus N.
  • March 29th Community Event
  • March 30th FFCC Championships
  • April 9th-14th World Championships
  • More Events...

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