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Ancient City Ensemble Enters Strategic Partnership with Unity Percussion 

After much thought and strategic planning, Unity Percussion is pleased to form a strategic partnership with Ancient City Ensemble. Through the partnership, Unity Percussion and A.C.E. are looking to create synergy by leveraging their individual strengths. Both organizations feel strongly that the sharing of design staff, educational staff and resources will provide a higher level of experience for the members of each organization. As part of the partnership, A.C.E. will be relocating to the greater Gainesville area for the 2018 season and beyond. While the partnership will create new opportunities for our organizations to share resources, both organizations plan to field separate ensembles for the 2018 season with Ancient City remaining in Open Class and Unity remaining in A Class.

Ancient City Ensemble plans on joining Unity Percussion at a joint-facility for auditions as we will be sharing many of the same educators and using a unified approach to our musical and visual programs. This is just the first of many joint-ventures that will provide a unique educational experience for our indoor ensembles.  More information will be made available in the next several days about the 2018 season for Unity Percussion including design staff/educational leadership and auditions. If you have any questions or interest in joining Unity Percussion for the 2018 season, please got to:

Jeremy Lee
Owner of Unity Music & Arts

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